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Who We Are & What We Do

Apna Ghar is a charity run by and for minority ethnic women living in South Tyneside.

The centre was established in 1987 by the charity’s founder Vimla Storey, who sadly passed away in September 2020. Vimla provided socialisation opportunities through English classes, the exchange of recipes, cookery, sewing and knitting. This was all done from the home of Vimla’s niece, Shiela Hussain, from the late 1970s until the current building was procured with the help of Director of Public Health and Council in 1987.

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By providing a wide range of opportunities, Apna Ghar aims to develop confidence and empower women to recognise their full potential, whilst allowing them to maintain their cultural identity.

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Apna Ghar's vision is to remain a leading supplier of services for Minority Ethnic Women.


We aim to enhance the services that we provide by continually deepening our understanding of what our members needs are.


We have a commitment to our funders, clients, members and the community in which we operate.

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Enhancing awareness of the range of opportunities and services provided by Apna Ghar.

Extending the number of users who utilise the services provided by

Apna Ghar.

Promoting and developing effective links with the community between a wide range of organisations, groups

and individuals.

Respecting and valuing the diversity of cultures. Offering a range of vocational

and non-vocational training opportunities.


To provide outreach and link workers support to

the community.

To actively promote the services of Apna Ghar to the community of

South Tyneside.

To provide a culturally supportive and safe

meeting place.

To provide a range

of activities and a base for the

youth community.

To make the services more accessible to the senior citizen members of

the community.

Meet the Board

Apna Ghar has a Management Board comprising 9 elected-members from various disciplines in finance, training, health and social-care background. Each member takes a lead on their specific area of expertise.  They meet monthly, however, due to the current pandemic, members are meeting every two-weeks in response to the ever-changing needs of members.

Saira Malik


Elaine Crompton


Joanna Lajmi

Deputy Treasurer

Laila Abdullah

Board Member

Asia Rahman

Vice Chair

Amina Hyder


Kishwar Haque

Board Member

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